Valentine Serve

Email us your pictures or video of your serving. 

Make sure to give us your names!

Uploads accepted till Midnight February 15.

Since we know that people are not nearly as moved by what we say as they are by what we do and even the best intentions accomplish nothing, we want to encourage you to demonstrate God’s love for our community like never before.


We would like to encourage you to think creatively about how you might serve someone on the Crystal Coast this next week. To help get those creative juices flowing, here are just a few ideas of things you could do, but you are certainly not limited to these ideas…

Check out these Kind ways to Serve Others


  • Babysit for a family, a single mom, or friend’s kids for an evening

  • Go to the grocery store for an older person or help unload groceries from a cart into a person’s car at the store

  • Help carry something for someone

  • Hold the door open for a passerby

  • Leave a king gift on someone’s desk at work (A piece of candy, gum, etc…)

  • Leave business card size notes with uplifting quotes on them on tables, in magazines, etc.. at places where people have to wait.  For example, locations like doctors’ offices and car repair shops

  • Leave bottled water or soft drinks with a note of well wishes for the garbage men or women. Think about what a thankless and stinky job they have much of the time

  • Let someone with fewer items check out in front of you at the grocery store

  • Leave a note or treats for the mail carrier

  • Look a person in the eye and tell them thank you.

  • Pay for the coffee of the person behind you in line

  • Pet sit for a friend for a weekend or offer to take his or her pet for a walk

  • Send a card letting a person in local government know what you appreciate him or her

  • Take snacks or breakfast to your local fire or police station. Thank them for their service

  • Wheel a neighbor’s empty garbage can back up his or her driveway

  • Send cookies or snacks with your child to share at school at lunch

  • Send a gift to child’s teacher, school supplies maybe

  • Volunteer to tutor at local schools.

  • Surprise a neighbor with a home-cooked meal delivered to them

  • Tip generously

  • Tell a manager about the wonderful service given by a waiter or waitress

  • Give away a gift card

  • Send a dessert to another table