Myanmar 2020

October 22nd to November 2nd


Missions! “but you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and you shall be My witnesses both in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and even to the remotest part of the earth.”

Myanmar (Burma) is a country in the 10/40 Window of missions. On a map this Window is located 10 degrees south and 40 degrees north of the Equator. There are some 5,000 unreached people groups living in these countries.  We are seeing progress being made in Myanmar. In the past five years we have seen significant changes in how the country is opening up to “tourists.” We still cannot travel throughout the country but God has opened the door for the good news of Jesus in at least parts of the Myanmar.

Myanmar is a Buddhist country founded in the year 1044 with a population of around 54 million and is about the size of Texas.  The map on the other side shows bordering countries. Dawei, the town where we have our training is 98.7% Buddhist. There are no missionaries living in this area.  You can understand the need to go and make/train disciples in this place. Even though there continues to be persecution of believers, we believe now is the time to join God in His work in Myanmar in those areas we are allowed to visit.

Will you consider investing in getting the “good news of Jesus” to several  unreached tribes living and working in and around the Dawei area? Below is how you, your family, your Life Group, Women’s Group, Men’s Group, Youth and  Children, etc. might pray about being a part of missions “even to the remotest part of the earth!” If you have questions email us.


Note: Checks payable to CCBC and mark Myanmar Missions.


We are asking that you invest in bringing the Gospel to the Dawei people in the following ways…


1. Sign up to be part of a Myanmar Prayer team who will be prayer warriors for our team and the Myanmar people.


2. Become a member of the CCBC team going to Dawei.

3. Give a monetary gift to cover the costs of…

  • Supplies, crafts, outings, lessons and food for the Kids Alive Care Center (60 to 75 children $25.00 per child)

  • Packets and materials for 70 men in training groups ($5-10 ea)

  • Packets and materials for 140 women training groups ($5-10 ea)

  • Job’s house church (which is in his home)

  • Pastor Michael’s house church in member’s house

  • Christmas Evangelism


Will You Go?






01 - Myanmar Today

These two resources will help you understand the people of

Myanmar and why taking the Gospel to them is so important.


Southeast Asian People

02 - Our Commitment



Patrick and Diana Williams make annual mission trips to Myanmar to train local church leaders.  The Eastern Pwo Karen people are considered to be an unreached people group.  It is estimated that there are only about 250-500 born-again believers in this group of some 750,000 people whose major religion is Buddhism.  Our church is involved with teaching pastors, church leaders, and others how to take the gospel to a lost and dying world.  It is the Eastern Pwo Karen who must take the gospel to the world around them.    


Our main goal is to leave a “footprint” behind us by training local believers who have a compelling desire to reach the lost how to plant evangelical churches in southern Myanmar. We are equipping these few believers with the tools necessary to evangelize the lost and to disciple new believers.  All of the teaching work we do here is translated into the written Burmese language as these people have very little written information about God’s Word.  We are to make disciples and we are to teach them what Jesus commanded.


03 - GO



We are to make disciples and we are to teach them what Jesus commanded. Email Pastor Kevin if you would like more information on our upcoming trips.


Watch this video of some of our time in Myanmar.