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01 - Myanmar Today

These two resources will help you understand the people of

Myanmar and why taking the Gospel to them is so important.


Southeast Asian People

02 - Our Commitment



Patrick and Diana Williams make Semi-annual mission trips to Myanmar to train local church leaders.  The Eastern Pwo Karen people are considered to be an unreached people group.  It is estimated that there are only about 250-500 born-again believers in this group of some 750,000 people whose major religion is Buddhism.  Our church is involved with teaching pastors, church leaders and others how to take the gospel to a lost and dying world.  It is the Eastern Pwo Karen who must take the gospel to the world around them.    


Our main goal is to leave a “footprint” behind us by training local believers who have a compelling desire to reach the lost how to plant evangelical churches in southern Myanmar. We are equipping these few believers with the tools necessary to evangelize the lost and to disciple new believers.  All of the teaching work we do here is translated into the written Burmese language as these people have very little written information about God’s Word.  We are to make disciples and we are to teach them what Jesus commanded.


03 - GO



We are to make disciples and we are to teach them what Jesus commanded. Email Pastor Kevin if you would like more information on our upcoming trips.


Watch this video of some of our time in Myanmar.


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