CCBC Men’s Ministry 

Mission Statement 

“The Man is the Mission” [Fully alive in Christ]. . . Providing an environment in

which boys of all ages can be ushered into Manhood and all that means by

developing a deeper relationship with and understand of God.



  • Living the life promised by Jesus in John 10:10

  • Growth in understanding of the biblical role of an abiding man, husband

       and father

  • Personal growth

  • Fellowship among CCBC MEN and their families

  • Increased outreach and service to the congregation and community

  • Bi-annual retreat 

  • Quarterly men’s prayer breakfast

Pillars to help us achieve our goals 

The Masculine Journey A journey with other men to connect with our original DNA of having a Battle to Fight, an Adventure to Live and a Beauty to Rescue. Learning what it means to be a Warrior, a Knight, A Man who leans into the fight against the evil one and fight the good fight of the great invasion we are all born into and what that Larger Story is and what our role as Men of God looks like on a daily basis. Kick-off meeting April 29.


Evangelism & Discipleship Looking internally at our priority of growth so that as men of God, we can be better prepared, willing and able to take it outside the walls of CCBC into the community. 


Adventure This is a key element in developing boys into men and keeping Men alive! We will have numerous opportunities to do “things” with other men, our sons, our daughters and yes, even our Wives.  Sports oriented events, hiking, boating, ice cream socials, date nights and outings.

Serving the Community Making ourselves available to purposely and intentionally help those in need: widows, single moms, deployed families with light yard work, carpentry, electrical, mechanical, pluming, etc. as needed. Also, being “On Call”  for disaster relief and other needs through Baptist Men’s Organization. 


Prison Ministry Like Paul who spent a large amount of time in Prison, there is a need for men to partner with those currently engaged to minister to men incarcerated in our local prison system.