Have you LOST that LOVING feeling?  Looking for renewed LIFE and VITALITY?


Are you facing a CHALLENGE . . . new parents, parents of teens,

going through a transition or experiencing a financial crisis, infidelity?


Would you like to RESTORE unity and oneness, ENHANCE deeper levels of intimacy,

want to get out of the “crazy cycle,” learn to COMMUNICATE and RESOLVE conflict

in a healthy way, gain insight into your own personal issues?


Marriage Mentoring is designed for couples seeking support and encouragement in their marriage and in their walk with God.


Mentor couples work with couples in every age and stage of marriage to explore a variety of issues: marriage goals and expectations, communication, conflict resolution, financial planning, household roles, faith issues, and spiritual practices. They reinforce the strengths of the couples with whom they work, while modeling and teaching the communication skills needed for enduring, fulfilling relationships.


Once assigned to a mentor couple you’ll make arrangements to meet privately and agree on the number of sessions, the procedure for mentoring, including online couple assessments or other curriculum to guide the process.


Marriage mentoring can also be done in small groups where you may participate in group sessions on topics such as communication, conflict-management, or financial planning.


Marriage mentoring provides a vital resource for help and continued growth for married couples of any age and stage.


We have a team of Marriage Mentors who are trained and equipped to walk with you through a challenging time. A mentor is simply a more experienced couple who has faced similar challenges and who empowers another couple through sharing resources and relational experiences.  


Mentor couples are not pastors, counselors or therapists, they offer a unique peer relationship and a couple-to-couple dynamic of support that pastors cannot provide on their own. They are hand selected, well trained couples with a heart for marriage and a desire to help couples honor God in their marriage.

Embrace God’s design for covenant marriage and substantially shape the next generation.


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Marriage Mentoring Application

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