Places to serve:


  • Hope Mission, Morehead City - Team to prepare and serve dinner - Right now they only have 3-4 that volunteer to serve a month at dinner time.

  • Martha’s Mission, Morehead City - Contact them to see in what areas you could help - service projects, serve in the ministries they have.

  • Coastal Pregnancy Care Center, Morehead City - Contact them to see in what areas you can help. 

  • Laundry Mat - Put money in a baggie and tape it on the dryer or washer to cover someone's cost to do laundry.

  • PipeLine After School Program at CCBC - Come help out with children doing homework, playing games, even if it’s just a few hours once a week.

  • Cottages in Swansboro - Go visit with the seniors, play games, take fruit baskets and just love on the residents.

  • Fire Departments and Police and EMS - Take them goodies or a meal.

  • Schools - Show the office people and teachers that you care - Take goodies or gift baskets - Help serve pre-game meals with FCA.

  • Western Park or Swansboro Parks/Rec - Contact to serve in concessions or go hand out water to people at the games.

  • Town Hall - Contact to see if they need help with projects.

  • VA Hospital - Help with projects they may need to be done.

  • Hospice House, Newport - Take flowers or goodies to staff - bring in Joy to those working/caregiving.

  • NC Baptist Children’s Home - Call and schedule a time to go hang out with the house parents and play games with kids - the house parents need as much interaction as the kids do - also a good place to offer help with projects - locally - Kinston - Many all over the state that would appreciate the help.

Other ideas to serve:


  • Babysit for a family, a single mom, or friend’s kids for an evening.

  • Pay if forward - pay for the car behind you at Dunkin or any fast food line.

  • Go to the grocery store for an older person or help unload groceries from a cart into a person’s car at the store. 

  • Trimming trees for shut-ins.

  • Help carry something for someone.

  • Hold the door open for a passerby.

  • Leave a happy on someone’s desk at work (A piece of candy, gum, etc…)

  • Leave business card size notes with uplifting quotes on them on tables, in magazines, etc.. at places where people have to wait.  For example, locations like doctors’ offices and car repair shops.

  • Leave bottled water or soft drinks with a note of well-wishes for the garbage men or women. Think about what a thankless and stinky job they have much of the time.

  • Let someone with fewer items check out in front of you at the grocery store.

  • Leave a note or treats for the mail carrier.

  • Look a person in the eye and tell them, thank you.

  • Pet-sit for a friend for a weekend or offer to take his or her pet for a walk.

  • Send a card letting a person in local government know what you appreciate him or her.

  • Take snacks or breakfast to your local fire or police station. Thank them for their service.

  • Wheel a neighbor’s empty garbage can back up his or her driveway.

  • Send cookies or snacks with your child to share at school for lunch.

  • Send a gift to a child’s teacher, school supplies maybe.

  • Volunteer to tutor at local schools.

  • Surprise a neighbor with a home-cooked meal delivered to them.

  • Tip generously.

  • Tell a manager about the wonderful service given by a waiter or waitress.

  • Give away a gift card.

  • Send dessert to another table.