Relationships are important and deserve the very best, and The 2018 "Deep Love"  Conference will help all couples – at any age or stage, newlyweds to oldyweds – find what they need to achieve the very best in their marriages (and other relationships).


Drs. Les & Leslie Parrott are master communicators who will have you laughing while you learn how to enrich and strengthen your relationships. Their insights can help a not-so-good relationship become good and a good relationship become even better. 


We will start the evening at 6 PM. There will be a meal provided on Friday Evening and snacks on Saturday. Childcare will be provided. Admission is $35 per couple.  Please register by clicking the Register Now button. You can see the conference schedule below.


Invite other adults and pass the word on. 

Rustic Beach Path

Friday Night - February 9

    6:00 pm      Opening Comments

    6:15 pm      Meal

    7:00 pm      Session One: Personality

    8:00 pm      Closing Prayer


Saturday Morning - February 10

    8:00 am      Breakfast Snacks & Coffee

    8:30 am      Session Two: Communication

    9:30 am      Break

    9:40 am      Session Three: Conflict

    10:40 am    Break

    10:50 am    Session Four: Adaptability

    11:50 am    Closing Comments re Marriage Mentoring & TSM & Prayer

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